Immune Boost:   Formulated to shorten the duration and severity of infections while giving your immune system a much needed boost.  Several studies have shown how zinc inhibits viral replication so viral infections are not as severe.  There is a current multi-center study underway looking at the addition of IV Vitamin C to current sepsis protocols in critically ill hospitalized patients.  The preliminary results show a dramatic decrease in mortality from systemic infections. 

Contains:  High dose Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine, B100 complex   

Myers' Cocktail:   This is the original vitamin and mineral IV infusion.  It was crated by the late John Myers MD and has been used by 1,000's of physicians nation wide.  It has been used to help treat chronic medical conditions such as: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergic rhinitis, migraine headaches, depression, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic urticarial, and improved athletic performance. 

Contains:  Magnesium, Calcium, Hydroxycobalmin (B12), Pyridoxine (B6), Dexpanthenol (B5), B100 Complex, Vitamin C

IV Infusion therapy has been used by world class athletes and Hollywood stars for years to help increase performance and maintain that youthful glow.  IV infusion therapy gives your cells the micro nutrients they need to maintain optimal performance and functioning.  Many of these micro nutrients are not well absorbed from the gut or get broken down in the absorption process to less active metabolites.  IV therapy gives you a much higher serum concentration of these vital micro nutrients helping you to reenergize, revitalize, and recover faster.   

We have several IV infusion cocktail formulas for specific treatment goals, please see our list below.  We can also create custom infusions based on your individual  needs. 

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